[IV complication] On a scale of 1-you are going to die/be maimed: what is happening

You say you are on a run of many days in a row, possibly a week even. I know that means that you have probably stuck yourself so many times that you may as well be a pin-cushion. I know the feeling. Obviously I am not a doctor, and this is not medical advice. But if you are concerned, go get checked out. The following is simply advice from personal experience. Here’s the deal: You need to stop. Ideally, for ever. Given the nature of addiction, I know that may sound like an impossible choice right now. I urge you to think about and consider the fact that if you continue, you will be dealing with these very serious concerns for as long as you manage to stay alive. And that is literally all that you are and will be doing. But even if you don’t plan on stopping for a while, at least stop for long enough that you can come down, and sleep for a couple of days. Then see what you think about this thing you have noticed. IV coke is exponentially more life-threatening than any other IV drug use. With IV coke, you are literally rolling the dice with each continuing shot. Coke is NEVER pure, ever. It is cut with many things, mainly to add bulk, some to add numbing effects (lidocaine, etc). But coke is always cut with the dealers assuming that it is going up the user’s nose. Therefore they are far less careful about what they put it in it. Heroin dealers know that what they are selling is being shot, so they are far more careful in what they cut it with. But again, cocaine dealers are not mindful in this way. So every time you slam coke, your body has to work incredibly hard at fighting infection from god knows what is inside of it. On top of that, because many of the things in coke are not meant to be shot up, your veins are also being put through hell with each shot you do. Coke used in any way causes your veins to constrict. So less space for blood flow- which means less blood getting to crucial places such as your brain. Add to that the fact that the high lasts all of one minute, so you likely are doing it as often as you can afford/find a vein to hit. All of these things add up to an inevitable heart attack, vein collapse, stroke, or many other possibilities, death included. Your body is trying its best to keep you alive, but the human heart is simply not designed to have to work on such an extreme overload, multiple times a day, nonstop. It is seriously a recipe for disaster.

I urge you to stop shooting coke. I don’t know you, but I care about you. What kind of life is it to get that insane high for a few seconds (assuming you don’t miss the shot), and then start panicking (rightfully so) about the multitude of things that could be happening within and to your body until the next shot- and over and over again until it has been a week, and your body is acting strange and looking strange. I can guarantee this will all continue to only get worse, and it will happen very quickly if you do not stop. Because I know where you are at, I’m going to make a suggestion that to some will sound stupid but for you could be lifesaving: if you cannot stop doing coke, then you would be much better off at the very least smoking it (crack), instead of shooting it. I know people in this subreddit hate what I’m about to say, but in this case I feel it needs to be said: If you can find it in you, go get help now. Save yourself from yourself. Tell someone who cares about you that you need help. If you don’t have a person like that, it’s okay, and perfectly normal. Go to the doctor, and get checked out for what you are currently worried about. And while you are there, tell them that you need help. It is nearly impossible to get clean on your own. You need people in your corner- whether you like them or not- as long as they help you to stop slamming coke. Literally any other habit is better/safer than what you are currently doing. I wish you all the best whatever you decide to do, and hope that you are okay. Good luck man.

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