IV Crack

Yessir, it's as straight forward as it sounds. Crush up your crack into a fairly fine powder and place your dose in a spoon, your dose should be a very small amount because it goes a long ways (about half the surface area of your index finger nail would be a good place to start,) draw up about 40-70 units of vinegar and completely saturate the crack, you might see it fizz a little. Dilute it with about 10-30 units of water, this is not necessary but can help ease the burn if you miss. Believe me, that shit hurts even with the water lmao. Wait until it is completely dissolved, this will take a few minutes. Use the plunger of your needle to stir it a bit. Finally, draw it up and you are ready to go. Remember to push off slowly to taste it because depending on how good ur rocks are you could get a really strong shot. If you ever feel sick or the ringing in your ears becomes loud to the point where it is scary, before you have finished pushing down the whole shot, do not continue to inject but instead pull out the needle quickly. If you get a shot that is too strong, breath through it because it will pass within a few minuets and focus your vision on a distant object. You will probably start shaking and loosing most of your vision and you wont be able to hear except for the ringing, just breath. If you fear you might have shot a lethal dose, try to dial 911 before you loose all motor function. This might be the case if your start vomiting and spasing, you have like a 10 second window in which you would be able to dial 911 but after that you will loose your motor function completely and at that point it's all up to weather or not your heart want's to keep going. But, it should not ever get to that point. Start small and increase little by little until you hit the sweet spot and you will be fine.

Lmao, I know that was probably a lot more information then you needed and you probably already knew all that so I apologize. but I thought I would provide it anyways just incase you weren't aware of these things or incase anyone else reads it who needed that info.

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