So I've been thinking... As long as we can't gift furniture and clothing to other players, isn't Pocket Camp kind of pointless as an AC game? (Very long post, sorry.)

i absolutely agree. i've been playing since the 8th of april and these are the changes i would like to see so far:

  • allow furniture to be sold and traded with friends

  • allow essence to be bought for leaf tickets at a SENSIBLE rate

  • the introduction of perfect fruit for extra friendship exp

  • a choice of what villager to 'gain' when we level up (been waiting for francine forever)

but i will say this, in recognition of nintendo making positive changes - as a long time AC player, i am DELIGHTED that we can change the clothes on our villagers - it seems like SUCH a small thing but after literal years of sending clothes in the mail to my villagers to get them to stop wearing whatever hideous shirt they picked up, this is like a soothing balm on my tired and frustrated heart haha.

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