I've got siblings this age who say shit like this all the time. Just takes a relative complaining about their college life.

I was in the first year of uni when my sister was in the first grade of elementary school (in the Croatian system at least, meaning I was 18/19 and she was 6/7).

My sister is bright and kids in general are perceptive and soak up information. With that said, when you grew up with a 12 year difference between yourself and the youngest sibling, you can smell the bullshit from these types of tweets, posts, whatever.

E.g. my sister knew very well I had to go away for university, however she didn't understand what that entailed or why I couldn't just come home every weekend to play. When kindergarten and elementary school are your only experience with school, you are going to see all education from that perspective.

It doesn't mean kids are stupid, but that they see the world through the experience of a 6 year old (or whatever their age might be).

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