I've had a good week, so I've decided to give away 105K coins(because of Ea tax) on Xbox. To win it post your funniest joke (only one per person) and whichever makes me laugh most gets the coins.

There is this boy, he is the ugliest boy ever known. His parents are embarrased that he is their child, but they decide to raise him regardless. For his tenth birthday, he wants to go to the circus and his parents reluctantly take him, but they make sure to walk 10 paces behind him so as to not be affiliated with such an ugly child. They take their seats in the circus tent, his parents a few seats away. No one sits next to him out of fear that they will also catch his ugliness.

The show starts and the main clown comes out and starts his routine. The clown is doing his goofy shit but stops when he sees the boy. He points at him and yells "Oh my god! That is one ugly boy! Everyone, point at that boy and laugh!" and the crowd joins in and laugh at the boy. The boy sits their and takes it all in. He decides at that moment that he will have his revenge on the clown but obviously stays in his seat because he came to see the elephants and shit.

When the boy goes home that night he starts to plot his revenge. He starts to do well in school, doing so well that he is accepted to Stanford for college and triple majors in organic chemistry, medical engineering, and neuroscience. He continues his studies at MIT where he earns a doctorate in biological engineering. Throughout this entire time he has also been working out, doing crossfit, P90X, and tennis. He is totally ripped, but that doesn't help his attractiveness because he is still ugly and out for revenge on the clown.

When he turns 30, he sees that the same circus is coming back to town, still with the same old clown, and he knows that the clown's day of reckoning has come. He packs everything he needs into his backpack and goes to the circus. While at the circus he is confused a few times as a sideshow but shrugs it off, knowing that he needs to stay focused on the task at hand.

It is time for the show to start and he takes his seat. Again, no one wants to sit close to him because of how ugly he is and their absurd fear that it is contagious. He sits there, clutching his backpack, waiting for the show to begin. The lights go dim and the clown comes out. The same clown that has tormented him in his dreams for the last 20 years. The clown starts his routine and again stops to point at the ugly boy/man and yells "Oh my god! That is one ugly man! Everyone, point at that man and laugh!" and the crowd joins in and laugh at the man. The moment has arrived, the moment this man has been waiting for over 20 years for. It is time for him to get his vengeance and quench his decades long pain. The man stands up, gives the clown the finger and yells "FUCK YOU CLOWN!"

FYI, I'm ineligible for this contest because I'm on PS4.

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