I've known my friend for 6 years, had no idea.

Well, I taught MCAT prep in the program that funnels the students that I'm talking about into the school. As a result of teaching in it, I was automatically on the committee that evaluated whether they met the requirements to attend. Completing the program (which was a joke in itself, and several were given bumps in their stats because there is a quota to fill) and getting a 16th percentile on the MCAT gets you guaranteed acceptance. Though one of the students who took this course in my class has told me their score, you're correct in that I don't know specifically what the students in my year made. I suspect it was inflated despite being below the national average for admission to begin with. I do know exactly what the ones in the grade below me made though, and it's fucking terrifying. It's not a stretch to imagine that my classmates, who took the same route, are similar in statistics. Teaching the class was a drain on your soul as well due to knowing that you are teaching some people with absolutely no ability to think critically and are actually a part of the process for them to become a physician. Going through PBL with their counterparts in my class was a mind-numbing experience. The program did produce some great students who I imagine will be great doctors. Like I said though, there is a quota to fill and you have to take the best of the worst in order to meet it.

You say, "they still have to pass medical school itself..." Do you really think after all the time and money sunk into them that they aren't going to drag them through the program regardless? They were calling for tutors specifically for them this year.

I haven't taken any STEPs yet. From all the questions I've done though, the most important part of passing STEP 1 would seem to be memorization with critical thinking required if you want to smash it. There's no doubt in my mind that they can pass it. I can't speak for STEP 2 and 3.

At any rate, merely passing would not be enough for me to see a doctor. Baseline care has never been something I've sought from a physician. I learned a long time ago that you have to be your own healthcare advocate. Part of that means seeking the best medical professionals you can find (at least within your geographic area).

I wish I hadn't seen what I've seen, honestly. It's hard to know that this is happening and further, that I helped facilitate it. You go about your own healthcare however you want. I'll play the odds every time.

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