“I've met with scientists, some of the top people in the world, that tell me that we have extraterrestrial craft in our airspace on a regular basis” - Rep. Tim Burchett- Who are these Scientists? What Evidences? What are the implications of this Declaration?

We have to start holding people to a higher standard.

I agree, but there are obviously some people that we place an unreasonable amount of trust in even when they've clearly monetized their whole "disclosure movement". Burchett at least isn't openly grifting like the other names I mentioned and as far as we know he isn't gaining anything except the potential voting support of us "UFO loonies" (which is already a minority, so... not a great strategic move if that's his intention).

I think Burchett is just a bit blue-eyed and caught up in his own willingness to believe. That said, I admire that he's open about his beliefs because having people like these in the government ultimately inches us just a little bit closer to disclosure and helps get rid of some of the stigma. Although I will also admit that he's coming off a bit too strong in his beliefs and if he doesn't pull back a little, it might have the opposite effect...

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