I've seen our future. I live there now. We need to accept it as inevitable and get used to what's coming.

The US is already the most corrupt nation in the world. But in the US virtually all of the corruption is at the 0.01% level. The multi
trillion dollar bailouts of banks and giant well connected corporations in 2007-8 show this to be true. In other countries a far larger segment of the population gets small cuts of a far greater number of goods and services, but as a percentage of GDP US corruption is greater. We are starting to see a societal breakdown as the corruption of the tRump crime family and many other rethuglicans becomes well known. In South Florida there is a huge cash economy which is allowed to flourish because the local oiligarchs benefit.

As for health care. The US doesn't have a health care system. The US has a system for producing profit which produces as much profit as possible and as little health care as possible as a byproduct.

This is my personal opinion but I believe that at least half of the second amendment enthusiasts who say that they have guns to protect themselves realize that within three days of hitting hard times they will be using those guns to go out and take what they want from whoever is to weak to keep their property.

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