Ive worked out how long it will take for Isis to potentially stop beheading people ( and desecrating historic interest ), your thoughts please:

Okay, so how do you expect your data point of one to be a reasonable basis for any kind of model?

Well, we are dealing with two religions, both of which come from a similar time in history, both of which have mutual roots in each other's development, both of which originate closely geographically, both of which have had a history of violence, a salvationistic approach, are monotheistic, ....they are related!... Much like the major crosses in the financial markets, or gold and silver.

This is . . . interesting. What sort of lens do you employ to get this outlook?

I like to look at behaviour, how it defines itself, and particularly the extremes of behaviour in something to get some handle on it - measure a price swing from high to low - take that - measure the retracement, it's depth, the time it takes and when it takes it for example.

The outcome I guess is what you call it's "behaviour".

What I see is now Atheists, just as theists have done, climbing on high horses, proclaiming the truth for all to hear, and looking to dictate it to others....looking to get others to conform to the 'belief' that God in this case doesn't exist.

It's like two kids saying yes it does / no it doesn't.

I find it hilarious that atheists define themselves against something that they argue doesn't exist, which they cannot prove. It's as absurd as the thing they rail against by those who say that God is definable and provable through words, a book, or a sermon.

But I think what makes them most indistinguishable ( and I speak not with regards to moderate Atheists or theists ) are the radicals who show their true hand - be it Richard Dawkins, or the fire and brimstone preachers - their arrogance and presumption they can dictate to others what others should and shouldn't believe.

Atheism is just another proselytising cult trying to get its foot in the door of the collective human imagination - like Christianity or Islam, or even modern politics I might suggest.

It's always presented in the guise of some kind of benevolent outcome - if only 'this love of God/Jesus/Muhammed/Darwin/Einstein/name-your-politician' was followed /believed in then we'd have world peace, an end to hatred, and bigotry, .....but instead what you get is just another authoritarian system making and breaking its own rules - bombing people/vaccinating them/brainwashing their children/and beating them with a club. SAME old stuff.

...a club you were never really intended to be part of.

Do you see? Somehow all the eternal love and peace, freedom, divine ecstasy, enlightenment, tolerance and understanding got lost because of this folly into believing in something other than just believing in ourselves.

Something we had to force on others because we weren't secure enough in believing it on our own.

Atheists is often just as much a form of proselytism, and bred from an insecurity based on a lack of self knowledge and a lack of self control.

I have my own ideas, I've come to them through hard meditation, life experience, and they are absolutely inline with what major religions tend to advertise with carrots on a stick, or indeed the promises of an atheistic world....but I don't need any of them. I know what I need to know, and to be honest, if you stripped all this need to believe stuff away, I think everybody also already knows what they need to know.

Call me a Gnostic if you must.

Spiel over, thanks for asking!

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