IW should make a postal carrier skin to support USPS

I have to agree with the parent comment. It sounds like you and I agree on this whole scandal/issue/dilemma. But using the phrase “going postal” definitely isn’t the move. I don’t think you really know what they phrase means. It’s not just “getting really angry”. It is specifically a reference to the dozens of people killed by workplace rage outbreaks from mid 80’s to 90’s. It’s specifically about workplace violence, which is never a good thing to promote, no matter how upset you are with the current situation. Even though it doesn’t necessarily hold that connotation today, it’s origins are clear and recent. Because of that, it’s poor taste.

The idea in general is great, but I highly doubt IW get involved in this. Companies must really really really be pushed with internal and external pressure to make such a statement, no matter the topic. If there is a large divide (justified or not) then IW has to take that into consideration. That means it’s a divided consumer base. Not worth it and it won’t happen.

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