[IWantOut] 19F US -> Anywhere

Grass is greener on other side. America has better quality of healthcare system than most out there, but its problem is a lack of access to it. You should've made it clear. Racism? Have fun in other countries where you think there is no racism. European and Asian countries are no better than America in that respect, especially considering the fact that why so many soccer fans in Europe make a monkey sound to black players. it's not just one occasion, but it happens in virtually every single European countries once a week. Asia? they have the one nation and one mind, so yeah, their xenophobia is pretty strong, tbh with you. Immigration is getting harder for every country, and other European countries have ongoing political issues.

Germany has Afd, the self-claimed Neo nazis and it's a pretty big deal over there, ya know. neck to neck with SDP, one of the two major parties. Granted SDP has declined to the crumbles nowadays, but Afd seems not to dwindle in near future. Btw, have you ever looked into their treatment of Turkish German? Well, you should check it out.

France? didn't president Holland, the guy from socialist party, silently deport gypsies? Also, Le Pen made it into second round of their presidential election, so it won't be that different from USA

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