Izea CEO Blogpost june 14th

So my new theory is that Ted just got outscrewed - karma is a bitch. He knew his product was lame and that people would “sell the news” but he was not prepared for the whale. If you take the sellout of the equation, the stock would have dropped to about that magical 2.25 number people keep talking about and everyone is still ok. A little down but easy to fix with PR...AND that big investor meeting that was conveniently spaced out by a week. That would have pumped up hype again and probably when we would have seen high 3 or maybe even 4. Unfortunately for Ted, the sell off and bs product has turned him into public enemy number one and many hate or don’t trust IZEA. I am sure the people stuck with the offering bag are even less happy. Because now they are tearing into everything specifically his past which has not been great. Probably will pump and dumped a little but god have mercy if it starts to drop, bag holders can my stomach much more loss.

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