J Crew Executive Reportedly Fired After Mocking Employee Layoffs

anyone is free to do whatever the fuck he wants, once he is off the clock. It's none of the company's or anyone's business. Or do you think he needs to live the life of a monk?

Everyone has shit they don't want people to know about. It's called our right to privacy, and it's a cornerstone of this country. Everyone has skeletons in their closets that shouldn't be made front page news. Why don't we dig into your life a little. What kind of sick fuck are you to masturbate to that type of porn? Seriously man, that's disgusting. Imagine, all your sick porn viewing habits are out there for the world to see.

It's not like the guy is a CEO who has a 24/7 type job maintaining the image of the company, he is just a mid level manager who had to let off some steam. But I'm sure your broke ass minimum wage hippy mind cant' comprehend that...the last time you had a stressful day was when you forgot to bring your favorite hacky sack to work.

The "mock" part of the outrage, is that people who have absolutely nothing to do with the situation are acting like this guy raped their kitten while he made them watch. They were up in arms, when they had ZERO to do with the situation.

And plenty of people celebrate after lay offs. It's a sign of relief, it means you had something hanging over your head for months, and you were lucky enough not to get fucked. For all you know it's his first drink in 5 months, because he was dreading being laid off. As far as I'm concerned, unless you are a public figure, you are free to do whatever the fuck you want on your own free time. Hell even public figures, as long as they aren't using tax payer funds, they are free to live however they want.

So keep that SJW kumbaya bullshit to yourself. It's none of your goddamn business. Do you think "poor judgement" deserved him losing his job? Do you think it deserved him getting his career ruined? How likely do you think he is reflect on this now? It's one thing to shame someone, then yet they might reflect on things...it's quite another to fuck with someone's livelihood...because all that does is grow resentment.

So keep your nose out of other people's business.

And yes the lesson is to cover up shit better(and not even so much cover up, but don't share your life with the world). Because NOONE is perfect. Everyone fucks up eventually. If you are actually living life, sooner or later you'll fuck up and do or say something that some loser sitting in his parent's basement will take out of context and will find offensive.

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