Jüri Vips – racism, proportionality and hypocrisy

give "White Fragility" a read

Once a person recommends this book I find it hard to take that person seriously. That is one of the worst books on racism and just because your American doesn't mean you know best.

It literally disgusts me that OP attempt to redirect the outrage at FIA labor policies and countries like Saudi Arabia.

No offence but someone saying a racist slur or "spraying" one on your locker is not as bad as the death sentence for gay people.

stop viewing the racist as the victim of racism for having to face consequences

You didn't even understand what op wrote. It depends on what the consequences are. Should someone have their career destroyed for saying a slur? It is fair to ask these questions and that doesn't make someone an "extreme example of institutionalized, internalized and rationalized racism" despite what the book White Fragility taught you.

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