Jack's Move

Jack comes back and collapses into a chair. He stare at what the 78 in his hand. Two battles, one loss... though was the other one a win? It kinds seemed like I won because I hadn't done as much damage to the Morgan. He sighs and leans back, have to admit though, Gunpla Battling is a ton of fun, just need to name the suit now. Well, its not a custom, or even that greatly put together, he knew that now, the store's loaner showed him that. It really was just a straight out of box build of the RX-78-2. Hmmm Straight Build 78? BRRRRRIIIIINNNNNNGGGGG! Jack jumps and plucks out his phone "Hello, This is Jack." "Jacky boy, long time no hear!" Jack groans internaly great, his brother Alex's rich friend James. "Hello James, how did you get this number and why are you calling me?" "I got the number of company records. I guess you heard that my grandpa died a month ago?" Jack hadn't "I'm sorry to-" "Turns out he held a controlling interest in the little chain you work for. He left it to me and well here I am-" "James, I don't have time for your crap, I'm sorry for your loss but Its late and I need to sleep" "Wait wait, hear me out, I'm giving you a promotion, to VP of Model Relations. Your only job is to battle those Gundam models, I watched the store's feed online, you suck, but so many people were laughing as you got your ass handed to you." Jack can feel his face reddening and he removes his glasses to pinch the bridge of his nose. "James, I'm here as a exchange program, if you think I won't just pack up and go home-" "Yeah yeah, the chain sends you there to learn that country's retail culture for a few years and in exchange we pay for your college. Let me be blunt, you are going to keep being the laughing stock of the battle ring, or I cut you loose and sue you for breach of contract and loss of company funds. We can and will post your videos to sites that we own and push ads though to earn some extra money. If you enter a Tournament and win, well then we get free advertising and get a nice boost that way. Win or lose we'll make profit." Jack chokes loudly at this The nerve of this.... "Fine, I'll fight for you. But I'm not good, you know this." "You're there to be a jester, not a knight, good night -BEEP" Jack grinds his fists into his eyes "Damn it. What am I going to do..." He looks at his simple Gunpla and mutters "Straight Build 78, I'll control that at least."

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