[Jacques Vendroux] French international Jean-Pierre Adams passed away this morning - He was in a coma since 1982 after a botched knee operation

You think anybody wants be kept alive when they are basically dead.

You are literally contradicting yourself here. If someone is brain dead, they want NOTHING, because they are as you yourself argued "an empty shell". An empty shell doesn't care whether it's hooked up to machines or put into the ground. So make up your mind, was he an empty shell or was he suffering hoping for it to end? You can't have it both ways.

So as I've said before, the only people suffering here were his family, I will absolutely say she probably took a lot of suffering onto herself out of some notion of doing the right thing and probably wasted her life caring for a dead man, but that's literally the opposite of being selfish. She considered him to still be alive however misguided that notion might be and so she cared for him. It's a tragic story and she was put in an impossible situation and you attacking her for making a bad choice from only bad options is a bit disgusting tbh.

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