Jagal - The Act of Killing (2012) ...-story of killers who win and society they build.Most profound experience for me..

Anyone can read what I wrote and see that isnt true.

you've already gotten many replies from other people telling you what is problematic. lol stop pretending like I'm some one random weirdo who was the only one see it.

you can never tell and most citizens of America haven't tried to live day to day in a warzone or under terror of guerrillas

Again, I agree with THAT SPECIFIC PART, but you know as well as I do that that was not the problematic part of what you said.

Look, you've spent many comments now trying to shift the conversation away from the actual point about what you said about mass murderers, and push peoples' minds towards something else you said that no one had any issue with. Clever, but it's not going to work. you should have simply responded to the topic on hand instead of playing this game.

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