Jake paul wannabe abuses turtles and pisses off entire restaurant, cant read the room when he's asked to stop messing with the turtles and leave repeatedly.

the time and place in the world I make my considerations in is the present reality for obvious reasons

No, it is not. If you go to Zimbabwe, you will see different cultural norms and traditions than if you stayed in Canada or Iceland. Similarly, if you stayed in Canada or the USA, your understanding of their cultural norms and traditions would evolve as time went on (for example, if you grew up in the 1950s, you would see a change today).

I’m not even sure what you’re trying to argue here

I'm trying to get you to realize that blindly following "culture" and "tradition" popular to your current country in the present day without being critical of it (for obvious reasons) is entirely baseless. You should form your beliefs more critically than by simply saying, "My culture says this is true, so I won't question it. It just is what it is."

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