James O’Keefe’s latest video appears to have violated state wiretapping laws

Again quoting another comment reply of mine:

"No, I am aware of [his history and past videos]. That's why I see him as scum personally; But I still make a distinction in terms of the content.

He used a totally false premise for those past vids, which was necessary to elicit the response he wanted. I.e. "If I am dead set on starting a business like this, how would you help me." (Acorn vids)

The equivalent of that, "If I am dead-set on gaming certain aspects of the election (coverage)," can't work in the context of what was shown in the video about the DNC. Why? Because there was no "this is how I would have done it" language. There was only "This is what [we] did" in the context of things that happened before Creamer or anyone else in the videos even met O'Keefe."

He confessed this stuff to O'Keefe unequivocally. I don't care who he confessed it to, his priest, O'Keefe, Obama, etc. If it was recorded and seemed sincere without editing tricks down to the sentence level of what he said, why should I feel that he didn't mean what he said when he was literally recounting things that he did or helped to do?

These weren't one-word baited responses in the sense of "if I had to we might have done it this way." He was pretty explicitly recounting what he had already done before meeting O'Keefe.

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