[James Pearce] Harvey Elliott being applauded off by some Leeds fans and he applauds back. Others in the home end sing 'always the victim'. Grim.


I'm a Leeds fan and I've just got back from the game and watched the replays - I hope Harvey Elliott is doing OK and recovers quickly.

I just want to give a bit of an explanation of what was happening at the stadium at the time - I think during the game most people in the stadium were confused what was going on. It looked (from where I was sitting at least) like a good tackle - Struijk left the challenge with the ball and Leeds were ready to counter - so the initial reaction from a lot of Leeds fans was to boo the stoppage. Once the stretcher came out, the majority of fans realised it was more serious and calmed down while the medical staff did their job.

During the stoppage most people were just trying to figure out what had happened. People wanted to know how bad the injury was, whether VAR was involved, whether there was a red card - nobody really knew what was going on. You don't get any information or close-up camera shots at the ground, so people were checking social media/news sites for information and chatting amongst themselves.

I didn't hear anybody singing 'always the victim'. I'm sure that it did happen if that's what's being reported, but I couldn't hear it from where I was sitting so I hope that it was a small minority.

When Harvey Elliott left the pitch I'd estimate around 50% of the fans around me applauded him. The other 50% were still wondering why Struijk had gone or feeling sorry for themselves for the impending loss.

I'm not making any excuses for anybody - I know that my club has some fans that take things too far and I hate it as much as you do. I just wanted to give a first hand account of what happened.

Hope to see Harvey Elliott back up and playing soon.

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