[James Pearce] LFC losing their status among Europe's elite will make a pivotal signing harder.

After CL win, we refused to sign anyone because… team solidarity?
After PL win, Thiago was brought in and it was sold as “Klopp is in win now mode before he rebuilds”
After that disaster season, Konate was brought in, only one season too late and they were happy to be done.
Last season, Diaz was brought in winter and only because Spurs forced their hands. Otherwise, they were happy to rely on Ox as the backup for the rest of the season.
And this season, Tchouameni was being chased before we shrugged and gave up despite the fact that Madrid was known to be signing him in April.

And now in the next season, when they are staring at what they have sown, apparently the club is “no longer in the elite”??

At some point, they have to stop taking the axe to their own foot and then crying foul. How can Klopp defend the team, then suddenly say he’s wrong and wants a midfielder, then shuts up after he’s given Arthur on loan who’s played like 15 min for us? And now he’s happy with the team again? How are years of midfield woes unaddressed when apparently they can splurge on Cody when two forwards get injured? And then Pearce comes out with his fluff pieces, at some point you would expect some semblance of logic from the club - manager and PR included. It’s so infuriating.

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