James Stewart and Johnny Carson are brought to tears by Stewart’s poem for his beloved dog Beau (1981)

I only had my dog 2 years but at the end where he described the moments at night time bought me back.

I had to put my healthy girl/shadow/best friend down because of her naughtyness and my lack of land. She was a working girl and she loved NOTHING more to hunt and me.

The amount of times I woke up because she was staring at me to go outside, or for water. It was psychic. That was the moment I broke down.

I had to take my healthy girl in. Muzzle and betray her trust (in my mind) and have her removed from my life, because she was starting to snap at visitors and the vet... and we didn't have enough space, and nobody would take her, and the animal rescue group wouldn't take her but they did put her to sleep for free for me.

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