Jan 7 - Vote for the Coin of the Day! who's gonna win today?

The suggested / default list should have more solid but obscure coins instead of those already at the top 50. Personally, I doubt coins that popular and with such a high market cap need the extra support. That said...

My vote is for Harmony One.

-- New 4-shard blockchain developed by a solid team of engineers and developers:


-- Two second on-shard finality time and extremely low transaction fees.

-- The team is very communicative on social media and their YouTube presence is on-point. Their channel is filled with technical discussions, Q&A (AMAs) with damn good production value.

-- Listed on Binance (i.e. high liquidity)

-- The market cap is only $149MM, placing them at #178 on coinmarketcap. There's lots of room to grow and the project is relatively young to the space.

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