Janey managing to review the wrong place and including a photo of an ice cream shop.

I'm reminded of some suppressed guilt. Warning - gross stuff...not suitable for teatime.

A while back I had to check an inspection chamber/ manhole for work and opened it and it was obviously problematic, a shiner turd and toilet paper stuck in there., so needed to contact the owner of to sort it out. I took a photo as evidence and between my lack of tech skills and having Google Maps open on my juddering faldering iPhone 4 I managed to tag a picture of a big turd floating in a pool of filthy water to the Google page of a newly opened local artisianal eatery.

Couldn't for the life of me work out how to remove the photo and comforted myself that the owners could contact google and have it taken down, but it was on there for a while at least. The place shut down not long after.

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