Jann Wenner retries as chairman of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Foundation,now maybe they can induct some Rock artists who really deserve to be it

Exactly. And yet, Weird Al Yankovic, who has

-been culturally revelevant and musically active for over 40 years
-is a singer, songwriter, record producer, actor, comedian and book author
-Has sold over 12 million albums
-Has won 5 Grammy awards
-Has 11 Grammy nominations
-Has 4 gold records
-Has 5 platinum records
-His work spans multiple genres of music
-Has colloborated with every artist of renown from Michael Jackson to Paul McCartney
-Had his own TV show
-wrote & directed his own movie
<takes deep breath>
-is a celebrated voice actor
-has not stopped touring since the 70's
-is an amazing vocalist with a 4 octave range
-is a multi-instrumentalist

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