Japan nationalists want atom bombings called ‘war crimes’ at US parks

...I'm literally telling you what they learn. Regardless of what you might hear in Western media, most Japanese people fully understand what Japan did in WWII. I promise you that most people (emphasis on most) have no illusions about the war crimes that Japan committed.

I'll make a comparison to a similar situation. In Japan, it's all over the news that the American government issues anti-muslim statements and its very easy for Japanese news sources to come to America, interview some people off the streets and from the White House, and return to Japan with a solid argument that all Americans hate having Muslims in their country. As you know, this isn't true, and a majority of people do not think that way at all. This is a similar situation to Japan and their history. There are groups of people in Japan who outright reject the idea of Japanese war crimes, and the government is rather indecisive on the matter. However, the average citizen is very much aware of the facts.

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