Japan revisionists deny WW2 sex slave atrocities

What was the positive of slavery? What didn't make slavery all bad? I mean we could go off the fictional stereotype of the Mammy if we want to romanticize slavery in that way. Slavery, like most human phenomena, was complex. My fellow historians who study slavery treat it for what it is and have amassed an incredible source of evidence over the years about the daily brutality of slavery. You seem to think that others before haven't made arguments or tried to provide evidence around slavery was otherwise, but honestly why are you speaking about a topic that before you said was too boring to look into?

While it might be comforting to bastardize Eastern Philosophical concepts to try and make your original horrible argument into something meaningful, which it wasn't, I think you should spend more time reading about things before you want to talk about them. You made a comment out of ignorance and from that tried to deduce that slavery wasn't that bad and said you felt "obligated" to say so. It was a horrible argument (in form and content) and people have argued about slavery before and still do to this day. You are taking a philosophy concept from Daoism and completely removing it from its context to try and prove some philosophical point without any basis or argumentation for that point. If you want to say that you believe x, y, or z then argue it instead of trying to be speculative with your "obligations".

People are down voting you because your comment was ignorant, unsupported, and was trying to make a point without actually having evidence or arguing for one. While it might be comforting to choose something we believe in (like everything is not pure good or evil) that doesn't mean others have to be accepting or supportive of that belief, especially if you have no argument or evidence for it.

And lastly to answer your questions

I have to ask, if this is happening to me, is it happening to other people who have actual evidence that might support me? We really really don't like slavery, and for good reason, but what if because we dislike slavery so much, we are over embellishing just how bad it was because we want to be clear to others that it was a bad thing?

From looking at this thread I have seen no one provide evidence and get down voted with it so no. Also people who tend to talk about and study slavery use something called books and archives to argue for their portrayal of it. I think it is ridiculous to say people might be over embellishing when you could readily figure that out yourself if you actually read about the topic and looked at the sources people used!

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