Japanese Father Kills 12-Year-Old Son For Not Studying

Your gross oversimplification of parental pressure and expectations is clearly your way of not acknowledging the impact it has. -Take away their allowance: who says they have one? You can't make assumptions for every child in America because it makes you look ignorant.

-make them get their own job: who says they don't already have one? Again with the assumptions.

-get their own apartment: I'm sorry, with what money? A job they got with a high school degree? This sounds more ludicrous as you go on. But let's forge ahead with your little retort.

-Pave their own way: whatever the fuck this means? Is this your cutesy way of saying trade school? Please elaborate. I'm a teacher and I'm my state we operate under "Everyone should go to college" so in many high schools trade school is never even mentioned as an option, and not pushed very hard. However, I am a firm believer not everyone should go to college and I wish trade school was more socially acceptable as an option.

"Additional tutoring is the answer"....okay.....duh....that's a really good suggestion for any college kid who is having a hard time. Did I say "Um! It's totally ok to abuse ADD medication in college! It's the only way!" No, I didn't say that. I said obviously it's wrong, but you can't just sit on your high horse and say "Oh my god how could anyone ever do that!!" I never used any pills in college but it didn't seem hard to understand why someone would, it was tough for me and I loved academics and always excelled in high school. But I guess someone as perfect as you can't imagine a scenario where it feels like they have no other choice.

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