Japanese government allows taxis to refuse to pick up maskless passengers.

1.- Do your research, you don’t understand what a logical fallacy is. It would be ad hominem if I implied that your argument is wrong because you are X (x= anything about your persona that doesn’t fit into the context of the conversation) not every personal attack is a logical fallacy, some are just that. I gave up on having a logical conversation with you, so now I’m just laughing at you with the people that are downvoting you. No logical arguments given in my last comment = no logical fallacy.

2.- I’m not pretending you made it about you, you literally made it only about you. I’m not trying to discredit your point I’m literally discrediting it with facts, teaching you what a logical fallacy is.

3.- Stop mansplaining my narrative; I’m seriously worried now that you might just be another oh so obnoxiously arrogant white knight.

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