Japanese man successfully prevented over 500 suicides and still voluntarily patrols a cliff area to dissuade potential jumpers from suiciding. We should honor our everyday heroes

A retired police officer named Yukio Shige of Japan is almost 11 years old every day trying to save those who commit suicide.
Japan has the highest suicide rate in the world. Yukio Shige, a 70-year-old retired police officer, has devoted his life to these suicides. Even in his country "chotto matte" or "wait wait" was given the name. Having saved more than 500 lives for 11 years, the old man is wandering around the Tojinbo cliff, a place where those who commit suicide every day often try to convince those who want to end their lives. Every day 3 volunteers and binoculars are on the cliffside tour.
The reason why the old man's life is so devoted to him is that he lost something he loved so much. One day, the policeman took a phone call and learned that a friend he loves has committed suicide. Shige "I've seen as much pain and lament as I am now. I do not want anybody to suffer like this anymore. "He said.
In 2003, one of the first suicide cases he met with an elderly couple came while he took one of his last patrol tours through the police vehicle. They are prepared to commit suicide because of their debts they can not pay double.
Shige convinces the couple and takes them to the health department for support. But the couple rejects this support and commits suicide after 5 days.
This event is deeply shaken by Shige but it does not stop or even strengthen it to fight suicide.
Shige underlines the fact that the people on the brink of suicide first have to learn the underlying reason for these actions. After learning his basic problems, he said it was possible to abstain from suicide if he helped solve these problems.

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