To the Japanese mum, holding her toddler on the train to Osaka.

I’m not sat here saying it was my sole motivation, so don’t make it about that, if that’s what you want to assume then fine. However I’m telling you that is not the case. I simply admitted that yes I am human and on some emotional level it has been nice to have my inner monologue and thoughts supported and backed up by others. You can pretend your super strong and don’t need any support off anyone in life, absolutely fine, but if that’s the case I suspect you are actually just lying to yourself about how strong you think you are and ultimately I would rather be ‘emotionally stunted’ but honest with myself about who I am. Who knows maybe your the strongest person in the world but don’t go putting those standards on other people. I have been honest about my insecurities, and have repeatedly said I lack confidence in myself. If that’s not a good enough reason for you to justify my actions, then whatever but I think you’ll find plenty of people here agree with me. I respect you having an opinion, but feeling the need to pop up here with negative comments with no obvious motivation other than to pull someone else down? Fuck man that’s a pretty emotionally stunted way to act isn’t it?

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