Japanese women protest judicial system after rapist walks free

That's watching one specific persons documentary work. Not quite the same right? and I can tell you didn't bother looking at the articles themselves since they happen to bring up exactly what I was talking about. I'm confused why youre so combative lmao if you can't see it then you just can't see it I guess. I didn't say I had japanese-american friends I said I had Japanese friends, if I meant american friends of japanese ancestry I would have said as much. As soon as youre done putting words in my mouth and would like to have an actual discussion i'm here for it but you seem to just want to yell at people who have "the wrong notion of japan" and i'm not trying to be on the receiving end of your crusade. Now if you take what i'm saying and disregard all of it just saying i'm making things up then I guess thats where our "discussion" ends lmao.

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