Jared Kushner and Dozens of White House Staffers Handle Sensitive Information Without Permanent Security Clearance

The US needs more parties, to fix gerrymandering, fix FPTP and get more representatives (seriously, how can you hope to be heard if there are 500.000 people on average per representative, even with just state legislators, it's still a good amount).

The US electoral system is 200 years old and has only been updated for the worse.

Fix the system and then you'll see a more responsible government. And with more parties, there will be far fewer people loyal to party than country. It's far better to have 3 parties as a small majority and 5 against than it is to have 1 party in majority and 1 against...

Even Singapore can fake a democracy better than the US and they are practically authoritarian. Even China has more parties. Even fucking Russia...

Fix the system if you want the government to be somewhat accountable.

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