Jason Dumas on Ben Simmons: "He's open to the California teams is what I've been told. Joel Embiid has reached out to him several times since the end of the season. He hasn't returned Joel Embiid's calls ... he doesn't want to return to the 76ers. Damage has been done."

He won't go to Portland, but they are the most logical place for him. A CJ and for Simmons trade makes a lot of sense.

Here is a crazy 3 team trade idea.

76ers get: CJ and Covington

Portland gets: Simmons and Markkanen (S&T from Chi 4 for 60-80 mil)

Bulls get: Seth Curry, Doug Jones and a 1st rnd pick from Portland.

76ers lineup of CJ, Green, Harris, Covington, Embiid.

Portland: Lillard, Powell, Simmons, Markkanen, Nurkic.

Chicago: gets to move on from Markkanen for 2 solid role players for depth and a 1st round pick.

As long as Chicago is on the fence about a 15 mol a year plus deal for Markkanen they could do a lot worse than Seth and a 1st for him in a S&T.

76ers would be getting the spacing they need with CJ while replacing some of Bens D with Covington. Blazers get a improved D with Simmons allowing Powell to play his more natural position of 2 guard and they maintain outside shooting/spacing with Lillard/Powell/Markkanen around Ben and Nurkic.

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