Jason Kenney’s approval rating plummets in the wake of Alberta budget cuts

I agree with all 3 of your points, Just so you know, but anytime you use the term "Tar Sands" it usually denotes a lack of knowledge on the Canadian oil industry in general. The term tar sands is almost exclusively used in biased smear campaigns.

It would be like calling the meat industry the "Murder Industry", it's not really wrong.. but is intentionally trying to inflict negativity a la Donald Trump saying "CROOKED HILLARY" instead of "Hillary" or "Mrs. Clinton" or "My opposition".

Also the Canadian oil industry isn't dying any more than other oil industries. Sure, investments are down.. but that's an economic cycle. New plants are still being built. The major players have still been ramping up production. It's simply not booming and starting to resembling any other primary resource industry.

An environmentalist who has spent a large portion of their working life cleaning up tailings ponds in the oil sands.

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