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Hey I live in Sydney and this is quite old news now but it’s just coming out now...and most people around them know but they think not many people do...which is so odd. I didn’t hear directly from JS Lee but it comes from other people involved. I don't know full details so I'll just leave what I know here.

  1. Janice and Sung (as you may/may not know) are divorced. Janice cheated on Sung whilst they were married. She gave birth to Connor. Around Connor's 1st Birthday Sung found out she had cheated and found he wasn't baby daddy. David is Connor's dad. He was an active member in their lives and church/home community.
    From what I know, Janice and David (Connor's Dad) are not together. She is with another guy called David (insta @ _dabidd ) He was in a long term relationship and there's heaps of cross overs. This is a rumor/so unconfirmed: New David cheated on his gf with Janice.

  2. Sonia and Andy (as others have suggested) are divorced. Sonia cheated on Andy multiple times before and after they got married. Andy forgave her and they tried to work together but she cheated after the forgiving so it was enough. One guy she cheated with went on for like a year. Another guy is RK and most people from Sydney know who it is and what’s happened. Not confirmed, but two of the guys she cheated with are cousins or related. Both sons are Andy’s. Obviously it was too much when Andy found out and they are now divorced.

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