Jayson Tatum speaks on the Uvalde shooting: "It's sad that it's becoming something we're getting numb to...I heard yesterday that the guy, when he turned 18, the first thing he did was buy a handgun and an assault rifle. That just doesn't sound like something that you should be able to do."

I bought a handgun and a rifle as soon as I turned 18. Im 38 now! Still haven't shot anybody. I am pro gun control but the anecdotal arguments are fuckin stupid. Should you have to wait a week after turning 21 before you can buy alcohol? Or maybe wait until you're 22? Im not following the logic here. The issue is the shooter was a nutjob and we have no controls in place to mitigate nutjobs from getting guns. The reasons we have no controls in place is because of corporate interests and it would cost taxpayer money to create any new gun control processes and if it came down to that we'd just vote against it anyways. The blame is on us, the culture we allow and help to create, even unwittingly. In my state when I turned 18 there was about a 1 week approval process from the local courthouse before you could walk away with your handgun. Now you can walk away with one instantly from any store with a phone call background check.

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