JBP‘s post on Kavanaugh‘s conduct, and a rebuttal

It's not a Dem or Rep thing really as it happens in employment applications and everywhere now.

I agree. And I think it's not good and I think we should stop doing it.

I don't agree. She would still need some positive proof he raped her, not just the fact he lost his memories at a few parties. I've passed out drunk and don't believe I raped anyone. I would expect anyone accusing me of raping them to have actual evidence, not just a 'I'm 100% sure it was him'. I would tell the public that as well and remind them I have 30 years of post university history supporting my good character against her unsupported statement.

You have a very idealistic view of how the court of public opinion works. If someone already wants to believe something, they will twist every little evidence to support their conclusion. Why else would people ask him if he was ever black out drunk, if they don't plan to use it to prove his guilt in some way? I mean, like that matters to his guilt as to having tried to rape Ford, or his present as a judge? As far as we know he doesn't get black out drunk anymore, so why are they asking if they don't plan to use it?

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