Jeff Bezos, world’s richest man, asks public to donate to Amazon relief fund

Amazon announced that during the pandemic it would be hiring an additional 100,000 employees to help address the surge in demand for its services.

So now 100,000 employees will have trouble getting full time hours, awesome. Great opportunity to kick of bunch of people down to part-time to avoid benefits. Also, you think hiring necessary staff is altruistic? Seriously?

It also increased pay by $2 per hour and doubled pay when working overtime for employees on the frontlines."

Federal overtime is time and half to begin with, so the "double time" for overtime hours isn't really much different. And is that $2/hr temporary because they're bleeding staff and need to retain people? Or is every employee getting a raise?

Stop acting like Amazon is trying to do the right thing because they care about their employees. You sound like an idiot.

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