Jeff Grubb confirms 30m Game Pass subscribers is false, "below 23m last quarter"

It makes people assume that you're a salty fan boy when you say it sucks that only one group will be able to play Doom or Elder Scrolls (Talking at Xbox specifically) but you only say it's not great on the PlayStation side either. PlayStation is notoriously horrendous on how they wave exclusivity over other companies heads (The two games you name dropped versus literally 15 or more) AND trying to keep people from playing with their service if they don't own a PlayStation. All of the assumptions come from the little holier than thou that you sprinkle all throughout every comment around Xbox, or how you probably erased and deleted the championed Gamepass like their first crush line over and over again until it was snippy and shallow enough to be on par with a biased Kotaku review. Don't act cornered or shocked when people can read through your thinly veiled stabs, Mr. Neutral.

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