Jeff here has been ruthlessly fact checking trump and making great jokes for the last four years. With trump getting suspended, Jeff says “bye bye job”

We don't know how often he went to the island

Yes we do.

As for political connections, donating to people, including to people on both sides of the isle, is not "political connections".

Yes it is. You're connection to them is through your financial relationship. Meets the very definition.

There is enough real evidence to tie Bill Clinton to Epstein in a very dark light, but the same goes for lots of other people, including Donald Trump. All of them can burn as far as I'm concerned.

Exactly my original point.

You're doing a fantastic job of mixing just enough real truth into the lies of your statements though, and an equally fantastic job of whataboutism.

That would be you. What I've said is fact and sourced above with the flight logs.

Beyond that, I'd love for you explain where I used whataboutisms. I know, it's a popular buzzword here, but you may try using it in the appropriate context next time.

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