Jenna Jameson, "Sir, you are a convicted child rapist."

No seriously fuck that porn start tramp. We don’t need dumbass hoes like her, acting like video games are an issue. Rapist or not, that dude is right. She’s the type of bitch to cause such an uproar over a video game, that it would get banned. Now y’all can live your lives how you want, however I would like access to whatever games I want to play. Making things you disagree with, illegal, is a shitty line of thinking and it’s a the main reason our country is in such dire need of prison reform. Right now there are thousands of people in jail just from simple weed charges. That’s actually insane. People are serving football number sentences over a plant that’s legal in half of the country. Yet this woman is bitching about a video game. When the government hears about this shit, they don’t investigate or talk about it. They just make it illegal. Same thing with prohibition. Same thing with drugs. Making masks mandatory isn’t gonna make everyone wear one. The same people who weren’t wearing one before are just being sent to prison on baselesss charges now. You’re an un-American asshole if you support the imprisonment of citizens mask or no masks. We are being used as free labor for the prisons.

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