This is Jennifer Hiles. She has AVM. She went to a comedy show in NYC and one of the comedians brutally mocked her. Total piece of shit.

You get it.

Either you can joke about everything or you can joke about nothing. Period. Putting lines in the sand on comedy is a slippery slope, especially considering it's a coping mechanism for a lot of people. Make a joke about depression and someone gets on their high horse about how ots a mental illness and I'm wrong. No shit it's a mental illness; I have it. Don't be offended on my behalf, God damn.

But the catch is you've gotta be funny. Theres a reason Louis C.K gets to say the n-word, it's because he does it in a way thats6entertaining and not just "Haha he said the word!". The idea is to make fun of ideas, because there is no easier way to make something powerless than to make it funny. Humans whistle at the dark, it's in our nature.

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