Jeremy Corbyn: Whatever your feelings about lifting of restrictions, let's remember to look out for & after each other. While many will be relieved, others - especially the clinically vulnerable and those who care for them - are frightened of what future holds. Please #BeKind

Because when you drop them matters. Not in this case - the reason why not has been outlined for you repeatedly. I'm sure we're all very bored of it by now.

This might matter to you particularly, but for me I'm writing on this subject like I would any other.

Not really no. Choose another ethnic group and see if it sounds like a good or reasonable thing to say. You'd probably cringe if you read a sentence starting with 'The blacks think...'

I would be perfectly happy responding to someone saying "everyone thinks cops are great!" with "Not sure black people would agree".

I'm not saying you're lying - the search engine doesn't necessarily go far back enough, and I don't see a way to look at your comments by most downvoted

You're searching this account. Search username zed1207 for my comment history. I've switched to this account because I was being stalked on Reddit. What is this tool you're using? It sounds useful.

One tends to be complex, nuanced and subtle and the other tends to go on and on about a poll.

Sounds a lot like gatekeeping, but feel free to search that account.

if you have to tell me you have that ability rather than demonstrate it to me

I've told you because you've requested the information, and I feel indulgent. I'm not really in the business of proving things on Reddit.

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