Jerrod Carmichael Slams The Idea Of Cancel Culture, Insists It’s ‘Not Real’: ‘We Got To Get Over That’

There are many people, particularly in the social media sphere, who accuse anyone who continues to patronize Chick-Fil-A of supporting anti-LGBT bigotry.

You have articles from the left describing Chick-Fil-A opening restaurants in their cities as a 'creepy infiltration'... And then complaining about how their communities have let LGBT people down by not only not boycotting/forcing them out of the city, but making them some of the most popular restaurants in those cities.

Or more recently, the Joe Rogan controversy last year (or earlier this year?) where tons of celebrities and other social media types did everything they could to try and destroy Spotify's business and get rid of all their sponsors because they continued to air Joe Rogan's podcast.

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