Jesse Ventura Says There Should Be No Billionaires, Calls for 'Maximum Wage'

Passing money to your kids isn't life's meaning, but it's definitely part of caring for your kids.

I don't want my kids to struggle the way I did, or worse, the way my dad did when he was a kid. Leaving a life for your kids that's better than the one you had is a pretty core part of raising kids.

You can have the memories of your parents when they pass, but you can also leave them the family home they were raised in, or the gift of not having to stress about a mortgage, or be locked into a job they hate because it's that or homelessness.

> I’ve told him I’d rather he donates his money to charity than passes it on to me.

Sounds like you're pretty well off now, then, which is great - but many aren't in this position, and an inheritance could absolutely make the difference.

I'm not saying no estate tax - but 100% is ridiculous. 100% over arbitrarily large amount, like 10 million, I'd be on board with.

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