Jesus didn't die for your sins. Explained. Prove me wrong.

used to have conversations with myself every night thinking i was talking to another entity. that is fucked up right there.

I'm a senior software engineer and I find arguing with myself going for a walk and arguing with myself / playing devils advocate to be fantastic. This may sound odd, but arguing with myself and pretending to be a fool that asks stupid questions has solved many problems... especially when I keep asking why something is too difficult and can't be done.

As far as medical check up, im with a non-religious shrink right now, and it is going well.

It must be nice to have someone to talk to that is trained and educated and dedicated to productive discussion.

and devour anything that resembles truth.

Everyone has their own tastes, however I went through a period of intense fascination with the human brain and childhood psychology a few years ago and I read a tall stack of books on the subject. Some were very complex and required much additional reading, however The Doorways of Perception was probably one of the most interesting and entertaining. I only mention it because it changed my perception of the world... it's a short novel and is essentially an open discussion by professor and famous science fiction author Aldous Huxley about how the human brain emotionally processes the world. It may sound dry, however imagine professor Huxley, wearing a tweed jacket and sitting in his private library, self-medicating on the drug mescaline as he describes how his trip changes his perception of the world and the mechanics of the human brain (fun stuff). If you've ever wondered why every human society values shiny gems and visual art and architecture or t-shirt designs... then this novel will open your perception on reality.

your last paragraph hits me. this is good.

Thank you for understanding because I am playing devils advocate and deliberately trying to be critical... I see no reason to pull my punches because you seem far too open minded and intelligent.

ive been thinking shit like, one day i might walk on water.

If you ever do discover how to suspend natural laws... please let me know because I suspect the scientific world could leverage such abilities as a clean and infinite power source. Similarly, given the Christian biblical belief that baptized Christians can drink deadly poison without harm (Mark 16:18), I'd like to start solving the world's radioactive waste by feeding it to Christians /s :-P.

do you know any links or good things to search on goolge to help me with like, hmmm, critical thinking or assessment.

Not really, however I found a few links on Youtube that may be quick to consume. Christopher Hitchens on Critical Thinking, and there's plenty of critical thinking uni lecturers, like this one, that seem interesting, however I only skimmed it.

These are responses to your other two posts:

it is that Mary's lie fucked everything up. and she made jesus sure that he was god

Many Catholics claim that Mary and Jesus flew away into the clouds because their bones were never found... without considering that their friends and family may have buried these people in unmarked graves to prevent grave-robbers from exhuming their bodies and selling their bones in the street as religious trinkets. I've also suspected that the apostles simply lied about the flying-zombie-Jesus and were possibly responsible for hiding the body, because they just witnessed their prophet impotently wriggle to death on the cross... and clearly all of their faith healing claims were garbage. I suspect the apostles nervously said "yeah, Jesus dying was meant to happen... everything is going to plan..." in an effort to maintain the positions of power and their followers and because they were scared of being attacked for promoting a prophet that was clearly false (i.e. died).

For what it's worth, the only test I have for any religion is this simple question: does the religion promote human rights violations against the innocent? (innocence being defined by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights... that I do believe needs to be revised to accommodate marriage equality and the sexual rights of homosexuals) If the religion does promote human rights violations then it belongs in the trash with the other garbage. This also reminds me of the unofficial hippie "bible" that claims "In the beginning there was love and light (intelligence). Love and light is all you need. (the end)".*

Also, I'm a dude.

Love and light to you too :-).

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