Jesus suffered every human pain at the cross so he knows how you feel

Many human being suffer for years and years.

What would Jesus do with 20 years of a deformed body where you don't look like other people and pain comes with it?

How about 20 years of being unable to breathe, stuck in the house whenever it goes under 32 degrees or over 83, because your lungs don't work right and no I never smoked.

How about spending teen and young adult years gasping for air, with the resultant terror almost dying of multiple asthma attacks?

Oh and abuse, maybe not as bad as another commenter here--she is a hero for surviving all that, but my narcissistic parents wanted to keep their good jobs so no broken bones just ass beatings and hair pullings, but fun things were done to me like my father doing "mock drownings" in the swimming pool giving me a life long fear of water.

Add in the lost of my entire family due to the narc abuse too. The ones with money and power won, I was thrown away like yesterday's trash.

Did Jesus have a sociopath for a mother? I did.

Did Jesus ever have to eat out of a trashcan or live in a rat filled room to stay off the streets?

Oh he had FRIENDS too, no years of being needy and lonely and crying because no one will talk to you because you are too autistic and a "freak" and "fat".

Ok I don't want to list a ton of woes, I am trying to find the happiness I can and I have a loving husband, but there's a lot of suffering I went through and others where Jesus never could relate. If anything Jesus's people judged me for all of it.

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