Jesus was thrown out of the Swedish church today.

Like what? Without concrete examples of what you feel is right or wrong it's impossible for me to make a judgement of that statement. I can agree that demonising a group in order to incite violence for no other reason than what they do or believe is wrong. For example, the demonising of islam in US, persecution of Jews in Arabic media or the demonising of abortion doctors by Christian right wing. But calling out a Ken Ham for making ludicrous statements on evolution is OK, or ridiculing Todd Akin for his "female body can shut that whole thing down" is completely acceptable in my view.

Um, how about going into a church dressed as Jesus and forcing them to throw you out? That's a thing. Or how about my atheist friends that say that they automatically assume a Christian is an asshole. Or, you know, a lot of what's going on in /r/atheism? You know, it's funny - Christianity's biggest problem throughout history has been its inability to acknowledge its mistakes or its flaws - you seem to be doing the same for atheism.

Statement without factual support, I haven't seen any mainstream media claims of lumping all Christians together in LGBT hate, I have seen mockery of legislators or supreme court judges that try to legitimize bigotry and working against their own religious dogma. Would there be one or two crackpots that hate religion so much they do that? Sure, but you'll never get away from that speech and that small amount is hardly justification to limit free speech to the degree you suggest just to shut that up.

You understand that justifying the mockery of Christians by saying that it is, and I quote, "always rooted in the contempt by Christians of the LGBT community or the attacks from Christians of people with different life choices" necessitates lumping them together in LGBT hate, right? And there's no question that Christianity is relatively free from attack in mainstream media (relatively - try being the head of an Evangelical ministry that gets caught with a gay hooker), but there are plenty of places where being a Christian automatically makes you a target for mockery. Like most of Reddit, for example, or my Facebook feed.

And once again, I don't think Paul was saying (and I KNOW I'm not saying) that there should be a law preventing the mockery of Christians or creating "religious mockery free zones." My point was that most people don't need to be taught what basic human decency is, but making fun of person A because you're mad at person B is not basic human decency.

Not sure how this statement is in any way relevant to the discussion we are having unless you admit to overreacting and want to retract your earlier statement of self censorship or religious mockery free zones.

I think the fact that you don't think it's relevant is exactly the problem. If you asked an anti-Semite about those comics where Jews are depicted as greedy hook-nosed devils, they'd probably say something like "anti-Semite is always rooted in the contempt by Jews of the Palestinian community or the stealing of money from people of other religions."

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