Jewish History IRL

20 million Christians were killed in Russia last century in a Holocaust our joke of a media never talks about.

3 million Polish Christians were killed by Hitler. Stalin also took Polish Christians as slave labor. 50 million people were killed by Mao in China. You aren't even the biggest religious victims of the last century and Trotsky, Marx and Lenin were all Jewish as were all the killers of Czar Nicholas and his family members like Anastasia.

Good thing you own the handful of media corporations that now own over 90 percent of the media huh?

Anyways have a nice day with the propaganda Mossad. Or are you have children manipulate the internet again. Keep buying stories about Weinstein using ex Mossad to stalk Hollywood starlets or anything about Jeffrey Epstein who ran a pedo sex ring and had clients that were politicians, celebrities and royalty, and who magically got out of jail time.

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